Saturday, November 11, 2017

Week 11 & 12

For week 11 and 12, we focus more on designing and improving the existing design from Futran. In their designs, the solar panels are 1.6x1 m; therefore, the total length will be more than 9m if we are going to build at least 9m long track.

Figure 1: Assemble of two supporters and a cross canopy.

Figure 1 is an assembling of two supporters and a solar racking system. The new design has two cross trusses that were added to support the weight of the frame and the solar panels.

Figure 2: Using truss that was made out of sheet metal

Using sheet metal to construct the full-scale designs are considered as a low cost and lighter weight compared to I beams. If it was folded correctly it will generate alot stronger structure, thus it's more efficient to use sheet metal for the Spartan Superway than other types of beams.

Figure 4: A different way to connect and have a stronger rectangle truss

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